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32GB Refurbish Wii U Only $185 Until Tonight from Nintendo


Experienced buyers of Nintendo hardware will know that some of the best Nintendo deals will come from their outlet store, where you’ll frequently see refurbished units being offered for cheap (as cheap as Nintendo consoles can get, anyway). What some people might not know is that Nintendo also runs an eBay store, selling essentially the same wares at the same prices, but you’ll get free shipping in lieu of the S&H Nintendo.com charges.


The refurbished Wii U 32GB Deluxe unit coupled with Nintendo Land has been on sale at Nintendo’s eBay shop for $200 in recent time. The deal has now gone into overdrive thanks to a combo $15 off eBay coupon, making the Wii U now only $185 with free shipping. Given these are factory refurbished units, they come with the full Nintendo 1 year warranty and are well worth considering for Wii U fans (there’re like a dozen of us!)



Given this is one of those eBay flash coupons, it’ll expire later tonight at 8PM Pacific (that’s less than 6 hours to go). The coupon just went live a little bit ago at 2PM Pacific, so if you’re not interested in the Wii U, it’ll work for any items on eBay over $75 with some minor restrictions. Note that the copy of Nintendo Land is a physical copy and not a digital install. Yay.


After the coupon expires, you’re back at facing the $200 ticket price for the 32GB Wii U – still a reasonable price, but one has to wonder why Nintendo hasn’t discounted NEW units to this price range since, well, forever ago.


Update: Flash sale is over, now back to $200.

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