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22% Off PlayStation Plus Membership Card on eBay Deals



Time to renew ye old PS Plus membership? A rare discount under $40 has popped up today on eBay. This morning Powerseller RushHourWholesaler began selling 12-month PS Plus Cards for $38.99. That’s one of the lowest prices of 2016.


The deal is selling at a good clip, so you may want to cast the die quickly. The deal went live this morning at 10AM Pacific and at the time of writing has sold 950 units. Word from eBay was 3,000 available at this price, but the same deal is also showing more than 64% sold so that 3,000 number could be incorrect. We could be looking at only a matter of hours left for this discount to be valid.


Standard Shipping is free in the continental US. Depending on where you live, the card might now arrive until August 1st, meaning you’ll miss out on this month’s lot of games Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Furi, and early access to the Paragon open beta (which goes live publicly in mid-August). Upgrading shipping options isn’t worthwhile as even 2-day shipping will cost you $21.95 negating more than the $11 savings you’ll get with just standard shipping.

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