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$40 Deal Returns on 1 Year of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold



Update: Xbox Live 12-month is sold out, but PlayStation Plus deal has returned!


Need to add on a year of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold because your subscription is running out? No April Fools joke here – both cards are on sale from the same eBay seller today at $40 apiece. That’s 20% off a PS Plus card and 33% off an Xbox Live Gold card. (Why the Xbox Live Gold subscription has a higher list price is always beyond us.)


The deal is as straightforward as it gets. Add to cart, choose quantity, and you’ll even receive free shipping. (It’s a card, after all.) So yes, these are physical cards you’ll have to wait to receive in the mail before renewing your subscription, but thus far all the deals we’ve been seeing are for physical cards. Unfortunately it seems code delivery is just not practical for many of these retailers. Note that of course these deals are US only, so if you’re not in the States.. unless you have one of those drop-ship services around, you can outright ignore this post.


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
PlayStation Plus 12-Month Card $50 20% $40
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Card $60 33% $40


In terms of how long the deal will last, we received no word from eBay on quantity for the PS Plus cards. We were told the Xbox Live cards have a quantity of 5,000. So with about 83,000 sold when the new lower price showed up, expect stock to run out around the 88,000 mark. When you think about it, that’s over 3.5 million dollars worth of Xbox Live being bought (or more if above the $40 price point). Imagine the full subscription numbers for PS Plus, given the lead in PlayStation 4s being sold.

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