Amelia Watson Birthday Merchandise Will Appear This Year

Amelia Watson Birthday Merchandise Will Appear This Year

January 6, 2022 was the birthday of Hololive English Vtuber Amelia Watson, and Cover announced a line of merchandise to commemorate the occasion. There are a total of three items available. However, only two of them will be available separately. All of them are expected to ship between May and June 2022.

The items that can be found in the bundle or purchased separately are the Amelia’s Kickass t-shirt and Friendship mug. The shirt is 3,000 yen/$26.06 and mug is 2,000 yen/$17.37. The shirt is only available in a one-size-fits all unisex large. It is all cotton and features art of Amelia running in front of a clock. (This is due to her time-traveling nature.) The tag has her mascot dog, Bubba, on it. The mug changes color based on whether cold or hot liquid is inside of it. The background is black if the drink is cold. If it is hot, you can see mascots around her and a “#1 Teamate” phrase.

The Amelia Watson birthday merchandise set is 6,000 yen/$52.12 and includes two extra items. In addition to the shirt and mug, you also get a fake ID and a “token of thanks” card. The ID is a replica of Amelia’s private investigator license.
Hololive En Cover Card

The Amelia Watson birthday merchandise pre-orders are open until February 7, 2022. They are expected to ship in May or June 2022.

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