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Arknights Dossoles Holiday Anniversary Event Previewed

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Arknights is celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of its global edition with a new limited-time event: Dossoles Holiday. The event, which takes place in the seaside city of Dossoles, Bolívar (a country in the Arknights setting of Terra), promises rewards and new playable characters. It goes live on January 14, 2021. Additionally, the Arknights official YouTube channel uploaded an animated trailer for Dossoles Holiday. The trailer was produced by Yostar Pictures, the studio working on the anime adaptation of the game.

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The trailer shows the characters Ch’en, Swire, Hoshiguma, Sideroca, Lin Yuhsia, and more. The new playable Operators La Pluma, Mizuki, and Tequila are appear. The Dossoles Holiday event originally debuted in August 2021 in the Chinese edition of Arknights. Its theme is a beachside excursion involving Ch’en, the former member of the Lungmen Guard Division and a major character in the main story. This time she’s on vacation but gets pulled into a sinister conspiracy involving Dossoles Warrior Champion, a local competition.

As with most Arknights events, Dossoles Holiday will challenge players to complete a set of event stages, with higher-difficulty versions and an event store to buy goodies from. Rewards include character improvement materials, currency, dormitory furniture, and a cosmetic swimsuit costume for the Operator Sussurro. There’s also Tequila, a free 5-Star Operator. Tequila is a Guard-class character with a unique fighting style. He won’t block enemies or attack them unless his skill is toggled on, but when off, he gradually increases his attack power.

The premium Headhunting banner will come stacked with powerful new characters to roll for. The marquee unit is Ch’en the Holungday, a limited-rarity Alternate Operator of Ch’en. Ch’en the Holungday (a pun combining “holiday” with the Chinese word for “dragon”) swaps her usual Guard class for a Sniper class. Players of the Chinese version of Arknights regard her as one of the strongest units in the game. Her character art also includes Live2D animation, like Red Skadi. A second, non-limited 6-Star Specialist Operator, Mizuki, also shares the banner, along with the 5-Star Guard La Pluma. The premium shop also adds cosmetic swimsuit costumes for the characters Jaye, Sideroca, Projekt Red, and Mudrock.

Even dedicated free-to-play Arknights Doctors will have a chance to roll on the Dossoles Holiday premium banners. When the event begins, all players who log in will receive a free 10-roll ticket for use on the banner. Free single rolls will also be allowed daily from January 14 to 28, 2022. Finally, from January 14 onward, the Operators Blaze, Broca, Reed, Greythroat, and Ambriel will be permanently added to the character pool of Recruitment, Arknights‘ free-to-use method of character acquisition.

Arknights is immediately available on iOS and Android. The Dossoles Holiday event begins on January 14, 2022 and continues through February 11, 2022.

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