ARTFX J Scarlet Nexus Kasane Randall Figure Preorders Open

Scarlet Nexus Kasane Randall Figure

Kotobukiya opened preorders for an ARTFX J figure of Kasane Randall from Scarlet Nexus. The figure recreates Kasane wearing her default Shinobi battle attire, down to finer details such as the suit’s various tubes and wrapping. The 1/8 scale figure will cost ¥15,400 (about $134) and ship sometime in June 2022.

Kasane Randall is a main protagonist of the Scarlet Nexus video game. She also appears in the Scarlet Nexus anime adaptation as one of several main characters. Kasane is a strong, capable elite soldier that possesses psionic powers that she uses to fight against the Other.

The 1/8 scale figure stands at around 215 mm tall (about 8 inches) and comes with its own stone tile-style stand. The figure includes Kasane’s hand-made hairclip. Her battle attire also features detailed fabric textures and tubing made of semi-transparent material. Her throwing knives also appear to float near Kasane’s billowing scarf.

You can get a better look at the Scarlet Nexus Kasane figure in the screenshots below.

You can also check the figure introduction trailer below.

Last month, Scarlet Nexus received a new 1.05 update and DLC pack that adds new bond episodes for Kasane as well as other characters. Siliconera also interviewed game director Kenji Anabuki about the creation process of Scarlet Nexus‘ characters.

The ARTFX J Scarlet Nexus Kasane figure is immediately available for pre-order via the Kotobukiya store. The figure will cost ¥15,400 (about $134) and ship sometime in June 2022.

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