Babylon's Fall Beta Changes

Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta Feedback Causes Major Changes

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Square Enix outlined a new list of ten major changes made to Babylon’s Fall, thanks to player feedback from the previous two closed beta tests. In addition to describing in detail the new graphics and combat systems, the developers have also added several new quality-of-life updates to the next closed beta. These include the ability to view other players’ loadouts, as well as revising some of the game’s harder-to-understand terminology.

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The company revealed the graphics and combat systems changes during the Babylon’s Fall Phase 3 closed beta test announcement earlier this month. The game’s oil painting-style design reportedly made it difficult for players to see their surroundings. Some users also reported that the game’s movement felt slow at times. To this, developer Platinum Games tweaked the game to allow fast-paced combat. It also added unique actions for each weapon.

Below is a list of some of the newly-announced Babylon’s Fall beta changes.

  • Difficulty adjustment based on number of players
    • Quest difficulty will automatically adjust based on the number of players participating.
  • Equipment perks and ability names revised to be more intuitive
  • Game terminology revised for better understanding
    • Examples: Vulcan mode changed to Standard mode, strength stat changed from VAL to POW, and HP stat changed from Durability to Vitality
  • Players can now view other players’ loadouts
  • Key configuration, options menu, sound, and graphics settings can be changed more than before
  • Players can travel between camps via the system menu
  • Base camp facilities are now easier to find
  • Loading screens now show game tips

Furthermore, Square Enix revealed some of the key features implemented in the game’s official release. These include things such as private base camps and the ability to select multiple items for dismantling or selling. Babylon’s Fall‘s Steam release will also support keyboard and mouse controls.

Babylon’s Fall is currently in development for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Phase 3 of the Babylon’s Fall closed beta test will start on November 15, 2021, and will end on November 17, 2021.

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