Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Release Week 23% Off Deal


Fans of Dynasty Warriors, Koei Tecmo and Berserk probably know about yesterday’s release Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, but did you know you can pick up the title with some sweet release week discount? The western PC port has made its way on Steam, and release week discount on Steam Store pegs it 10% off for $53.99 (yep a $60 list price port). If you balk at the price, GMG has a way better deal, hawking the Steam copy for $45.99, a 23% price drop to hang out with Guts and friends (it’s a super chill story don’t worry about it).


GMG seems to be the first discount PC gaming retailer to pick the title up. GMG is of course fully authorized, so you are avoiding grey market keys as these are sourced directly from Koei Tecmo.


Reviews are showing fairly positive with the first 199 reviews 172 being positive. That bodes well for the hack and slash RPG that doesn’t require you to play ten prequels in order to figure out where you are in the series (you start from the beginning on this one).


GMG is shipping keys instantly after purchase, so you can get going on that 16GB download. After unpacking the game takes up about 20GB in hard drive space. Koei Tecmo is offering up freebie DLC costumes on day 1, with additional costumes for Schierke, Guts, and Griffith (two sets for each character). Additional costume DLCs are available at $3.49 each, though we certainly don’t see the value in these.


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