Best PC Deals for Monster Hunter World is Up to 22% Off


This week Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World goes live on the PC. The port arrived this morning on August 9 on Steam and by all accounts interest is high – both the Standard and Deluxe Edition has been sitting on Steam Store’s #1 and #2 top-selling list since earlier this week. (The game has also topped over a million pre-order copies for the localized Chinese PC version).


If you’re interested in picking up Monster Hunter: World on release week, you’re in luck as there are numerous deals available as of writing. In fact, discounts are going as high as 22% off. The best deal for Monster Hunter: World Standard Edition is currently going for $47.49 at DLGamer or Fanatical, both of whom ties at 20% off. For the Deluxe Edition, the best deal is at GMG for $54.97. All of these stores are authorized Capcom distributors so you’ll receive your Steam key instantly after purchase.


Monster Hunter World PC Deals List % Off Sale Price
Deluxe Edition at GMG (Steam) $70.48 22% $54.97
Standard Edition at GMG (Steam) $59.99 18% $49.19
Deluxe Edition at DLGamer (Steam) $70.48 20% 56.38
Standard Edition at DLGamer (Steam) $59.99 20% $47.78
Deluxe Edition at Fanatical (Steam) $70.48 22% $56.38
Standard Edition at Fanatical (Steam) $59.99 20% $47.79


Monster Hunter: World Deluxe vs Standard Edition



If you’re about to plop over some cash for Monster Hunter: World and you’re wondering what the extra $6 gets you – wonder no more as the in-game items and gestures are entirely cosmetic in nature. You’ll receive a samurai armor set along with an accompanying topknot hairstyle and a wyvern face paint. Beyond these three, there are also three gestures and two sticker sets. Believe it or not, Sticker bundles on Steam can cost $1.99 per set, so there is some value to these in-game items. Suffice to say, if you’re not a big-time Monster Hunter fan, you can avoid the pricier Deluxe Edition.


Note that deals above are all listed in USD, but if you’re in Europe, all three respective digital retailers will have Monster Hunter: World in your respective regional pricing as well. Discounts may vary slightly but at last check, they are all around 15% to 22% off.


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