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Best Xbox One Deal in June Starts at $279, or Free Controller Bundle


We’re less than two weeks away from Microsoft’s E3 Xbox One announcement and the Xbox One June deals have never been better. If you buy an Xbox One as of writing, you will essentially be able to pick up a unit as cheap as $279 (there’s even a certified refurbished Kinect model with 5 free games). Or you can pick up the brand new 2016 1TB Spring Bundle for as low as $319, plus get a free extra controller and game to boot.


If you’re a gamer wanting the latest and greatest, we’d suggest holding off for the two weeks until E3 reveal so you can make an inform purchase decision. For everyone else that just wants the best Summer Xbox One bundle deals, the seven deals listed below are probably the best you’ll get until 5 months later to the holiday season.


Microsoft Xbox One Deals MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One 1TB Spring Bundle + Controller + Game $399.99 20% $319
Xbox One 1TB Six Siege Bundle + Controller + Game $399.99 20% $319
Xbox One Name Game Bundle + Controller + Game $349.99 14% $299.99
Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle + Controller + Game $349.99 15% $299
Xbox One Kinect Bundle + Controller + Game $499 30% $349


eBay Xbox One Deals MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle $349.99 20% $279
Xbox One Kinect Bundle + 5 Free Games (Refurb) $749.95 63% $279


Note that for the $279 Quantum Break bundle, you’ll have to add to cart to see the discount. The certified refurbished Kinect comes straight from Microsoft and includes 90 days warranty from Microsoft (you can purchase extended warranty at eBay).


For the 1TB Spring Bundles and other deals listed at Microsoft Store, once you add any of the bundles to cart, the free extra controller will also automatically get added as a freebie (pictured above). Before you check out, you can also pick a free game from a choice of five.




Note that for the refurbished Kinect bundle deal, tax is only imposed in Washington, whereas the new 500GB Quantum Break bundle has sales tax in California and Georgia. For Microsoft Store, it depends on if they have a physical retail location in your state (though as far as we know, most states have an official Microsoft Store).


Finally, if you’re not at all interested in any of the “exclusives” for Xbox One (which usually makes its way to the PC anyways) – then these deals will be a rather moot point. With E3 so close, do you think these bundle deals are good enough to move units?


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