Bravely Default Team Plans to Release Multiple Titles in 2022

Bravely Default Team 2022

The Bravely Default team took to Twitter to reveal that its plans to announce multiple titles within 2022. Specifically, The Bravely Default team said to keep an eye out for several upcoming releases and announcements throughout 2022, alongside the release of Triangle Strategy. Additionally, the team mentions that they will continue to do their best. More information regarding these announcements and releases will appear sometime in the future.

The team also released a special illustration to commemorate the new year. It includes several key characters from the Bravely Default series, and the protagonist of Triangle Strategy. The illustration also features several tigers, and other assorted cats. You can take a look at the illustration below.

Triangle Strategy is the latest title the Bravely Default team has developed. It is an isometric turn-based strategy title that also features a unique mechanic that allows NPCs to vote alongside the player character for critical story-related actions. Several story trailers have released, which showcase the various characters and factions that will appear in the game. Triangle Strategy is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. A demo is immediately available to play. Additionally, a limited physical edition is currently available to pre-order.

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