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Bravely Second Has Its Own Version Of The Norende Village Mini-Game



In Bravely Default, we helped rebuild Tiz’s hometown of Norende after it got destroyed by the Great Chasm. In Bravely Second, we’ll have a similar town-building mini-game, but this time it’ll be the new character Magnolia’s hometown on the moon. This week’s issue of Famitsu provides more information.


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Similar to the mini-game in Bravely Default, you’ll help the growth of Magnolia’s hometown, which is located on the moon. As you can see in the above images, the town is full of craters, but here are actually people living in there.


It has the familiar system of the previous game, where you’ll get more people through StreetPass, in order to help with buildings. What takes one person an hour to build will complete in 30 minutes with two people, and so on.


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Once you add more buildings, you can acquire powerful items, equipment, and even parts to learn special attacks. There will also be the boss fights where you’ll get to take on challenging foes as well.


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You might also remember Ringabel’s “D’s Journal” in Bravely Default, which came in quite handy with various lists of information and encyclopedias.


The journal will be back in Bravely Second, except it’s called “U’s Journal,” and it can be seen held by one of the main characters, Yu Zenolsia.  It will contain various information such as the monster bestiary with information on over 320 monsters, item encyclopedia, records, and abilities.


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Here’s a new feature to Bravely Second, called the “Consecutive Chance”. This happens when you defeat all enemies in one turn, you’ll get another chance to fight for an added x1.5 times the reward.


The more you activate the Consecutive Chance one after the other, the more rewards you’ll get; however, your BP will remain the same, so you might want to be careful when taking on tough enemies.


2014-12-04_031911 And finally, Bravely Second also adds a neat little feature called “My Set,” which allows you to create a list of your characters and have it save what jobs they’re using, along with their commands, abilities, and equipment. Making it much easier to have various setups with all the jobs out there.


Bravely Second  is slated for release sometime this winter in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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