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Buy Xbox One, Get Three Free Games at Microsoft Store


Xbox One Free Games Promotion from Microsoft

Update: The latest deal from Microsoft Store just got better. You’re still getting three free games but now two of them are games of your choice. Just click here to start choosing an Xbox One bundle of your choice.


Earlier today Microsoft announced a holiday special on Xbox One bundles. Buying any bundle will get you an additional game for free. Most major retailers are participating in this offer – though the free game offer won’t start until later this weekend on Friday, November 6th.


Microsoft Store appears to be giving a head start to this promotion on their own storefront. As of writing when you buy select Xbox One bundles on Microsoft Store, you can get THREE free games for your trouble. Two are pre-selected while the third game is your choice from a selection of 25 games.


The two pre-selected free games are digital copies of Assassin’s Creed: Unity (of which Microsoft seems to have infinite supplies of) and Project Spark.  The game of your choice from the pool of 25 can also be recent releases such as Halo 5: Guardians or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.


On Microsoft Store they don’t have a clear expiration date for this promotion, but we suspect it’ll end on November 8th, the same date the free game offer expires for other retailers. Here are select bundles which we think are decent:



Given these offers, it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft Store and others will be offering on the Xbox One bundles as we’re fairly close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you absolutely can’t wait till the holidays (because of Fallout 4 and the likes), then these are in our opinion pretty solid deals.


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