You Can Get Shadow Warrior 2 for 19% Cheaper



It’s not the typical 20% off you see with PC digital titles but Shadow Warrior 2 probably deserves the 1% leeway given its overwhelmingly positive reception since its release yesterday. Flying Wild Hog’s latest installment is receiving both positive accolades from critics and gamers alike. While there was an initial 10% pre-purchase discount on Steam Store, the ship has sailed so your other options are authorized third party retailers.


At GMG, you can pick up a Steam key of Shadow Warrior 2 for $32.29 after logging in and using coupon code VIP5 during checkout. This Steam key is sent instantly after purchase and is being provided straight from the publisher, Devolver Digital. Note that you must login to see some of the discounts – kind of like those add to cart to see price method you may have seen at other online retailers.


Minimum specs for Shadow Warrior 2 is surprisingly reasonable, but to get decent performances a GTX 970 Radeon R9 290 is recommended. For those on the sideline, you can check out the various user reviews here. As a final note, deals on the Digital Deluxe edition  is now non-existence as its no longer being carried by any of the usual digital retailer suspects.

Viet Do
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