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Cheap Bundles: PS4 with Dark Souls III or Xbox One with Quantum Break



This has been something we’ve seen before. New title releases? Newegg will toss it (in this case, Dark Souls III) into an overstock PlayStation 4 Bundle, then discount it to entice gamers wanting to pick up an 8th gen console.With this $389 PS4 bundle, you’re saving about $60 in value here had you bought the PS4, Dark Souls III, and Fallout 4 separately (at the game’s respective best prices).


Those in the Xbox One camp (or hoping to join it) can also look to eBay for a very decent Xbox one 500GB Quantum Break bundle for only $279. Given list price is somehow still $350 for an Xbox One, this is big savings for a new bundle with a new title. Its a full 20% off by all accounts and a rather rare deal from an authorized Microsoft retailer.


If you just want to pick up Dark Souls III and you’re a PC gamer, GMG made a switcheroo on their offering, this time discounting the Deluxe Edition by a little bit more to $68 (from the previous $70). If Season Pass content is in your horizon, this is a good pick-up to save on both the base game and Season Pass.


Console Bundle Deals


Console Bundle MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle $349.99 20% $279
PS4 Battlefront Bundle + Dark Soul 3 + Fallout 4 $469.97 17% $389


Dark Souls 3 PC Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition Use code: DEALZON20 $84.99 20% $68
Dark Souls III (Steam) No code required. $59.99 18% $49.49


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