Cheap Overwatch Collector’s Edition for $80 on PS4 and Xbox One



Back in May the most expensive edition of Overwatch you could buy was the Collector’s Edition for $130. Well that same package, with its Soldier: 76 physical statue, is hitting an all-time low price at GameStop with a price reduction to $79.99. Historic low by $15, and possibly as cheap as we’ll see it go for before it hits eBay as a collector’s item with an inflated price point. (As a side note, the Overwatch CE has its list price dropped from $129.99 to the current $99.99).


Further along in this week’s deals are also other console titles of note. Discounts this summer were pretty much nada for the 3DS’ Monster Hunter Generations. That changed only recently with a drop to $29.99 at Best Buy. Funny enough this same $30 price point is still what Best Buy is charging for pre-owned copies of the same game. With the Nintendo Switch hype and eventual holiday season, we may finally start seeing some price movement on more 3DS games in just a few months time.


In PC deals, Bandai Namco’s upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is getting a small deal on next week’s release, with a 15% drop at DLGamer from $49.99 to $42.49. Best price online from an authorized retailer we’ve seen yet. Also noteworthy is GMG’s latest deal on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen along with MegaTagmension Blac + Neptune VS Zombies – both titles are at least 40% off and both are at their respective historic low price.


Top Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Overwatch – Collector’s Edition (PS4, Xbox One) $99.99 20% $79.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Steam) $49.99 15% $42.49
Monster Hunter Generations (Nintendo 3DS) $39.99 25% $29.99
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (Steam) $29.99 60% $11.99
MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (Steam) $29.99 40% $17.99


PC Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
COD: Infinite Warfare – Digital Legacy Ed.(Steam) $79.99 15% $67.99
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Steam) $59.99 15% $50.99
Battlefield 1 Standard Edition (Origin) $59.99 20% $47.99
Dishonored 2 (Steam) $59.99 25% $44.99
Shadow Warrior 2 (Steam) $39.99 20% $31.99
Doom (Steam) $59.99 50% $29.99
Stellaris (Steam) $39.99 33% $26.99
Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition $49.99 46% $26.79
Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Experience (Steam) $29.99 14% $25.92
Elder Scrolls Online $39.99 65% $13.99
Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition (Steam) $19.99 44% $11.27
Dead Island Definitive Edition (Steam) $19.99 44% $11.27
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Steam) $39.99 75% $10
One Finger Death Punch (Steam) $4.99 80% $1


Console Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Playstation 4 500GB Console $349.99 31% $239.99
New Xbox One Dawn Shadow Controller + $25 eGift Card $69.99 $69.99
PlayStation Plus 12-Month Card (Email Delivery) $59.99 16% $49.99
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold (Physical Card) $59.99 33% $39.99
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4, Xbox One) $59.99 50% $29.99
Pokemon Y (Nintendo 3DS) $39.99 38% $24.99
PlayStation Move Motion Controller (Pre-owned) $49.99 50% $24.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Xbox One) $29.99 44% $16.66
Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4) $59.99 74% $15.67
Tearaway: Unfolded – Crafted Edition (PS4) $18.39 33% $12.31


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