Out of 2,912 reviews on Steam only 68 are negative for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. That’s probably why the December 2016 tactical stealth title from Daedalic has rarely been marked down off its $39.99 list price. Today it’s hitting a new low price at the WinGameStore, dropping to $27.99 (30% off) instantly and all the way to $26.89 after coupon. The total 34% off is a historic low for a Steam key.


Arkane Studios all but wants to throw a brick at your head to get you to buy last years Dishonored 2 this week. Not only is the game marked down 50% to $29.99 on all platforms, but you also get a free trial. The trial began on Thursday and is good for the first three missions of the game, after which you’ll be prompted to buy to continue on (your progress will be saved). While Steam Store has the game for 50% off, you can save a wee bit more by getting the same Steam key of Dishonored 2 at GMG for $24.79.


Yesterday marked the release of the Stellaris Utopia expansion pack and it’s topping the Steam top seller list with its weird Thursday launch (new games and DLC normally release Tuesday or Friday). Stellaris’ best price online is DLGamer hosting a 20% price break to $16, while GMG has the best price on the Stellaris base game, dropping it to $21.79 – the cheapest it’s been in 2017.


Top Deals


Game TitleList% OffSale Price
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Dishonored 2 Trial (Xbox One, PS4)$59.9950%$29.99
Dishonored 2 (Steam)$59.9959%$24.79
Stellaris – Utopia (Steam)$19.9920%$15.99
Stellaris: Galaxy Edition (Steam)$69.9955%$31.57
Stellaris: Nova Edition (Steam)$49.9946%$26.99
Stellaris (Steam)$39.9946%$21.79
NieR: Automata Day One Edition (Steam)$59.9923%$45.99
Mass Effect Andromeda (Origin)$59.9932%$40.84


PC Deals


Game TitleList% OffSale Price
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (Steam)$59.9917%$49.99
Toukiden 2 (Steam)$59.9925%$44.99
Steel Division: Normandy 44 (Steam)$39.9910%$35.99
Yooka-Laylee (Steam)$39.9928%$28.79
Tyranny Commander Edition (Steam)$44.9944%$24.99
Dark Souls III (Steam)$59.9960%$24
Grand Theft Auto V$59.9960%$24
SOMA (DRM-Free)$29.9967%$9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (DRM-Free)$14.9975%$3.74
Saints Row IV (Steam)$14.9975%$3.74
FTL: Faster Than Light (DRM-Free)$9.9975%$2.49


Console Deals


Game TitleList% OffSale Price
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console$399.998%$369
PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 500GB$299.9924%$225.36
Wii U 32GB Console + Nintendo Land (Refurb)$299.9933%$200
Xbox One onsole + Free 3 Games (Refurb)$308.9744%$173.97
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4, XOne)$59.9933%$39.99
For Honor (Xbox One, PS4)$59.9933%$39.99
Steins;Gate 0 (PS4)$53.4644%$30
Watch Dogs 2 (PS4, Xbox One)$59.9950%$29.99
Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One)$59.9950%$29.99
Mafia III (PS4, Xbox One)$59.9950%$29.99
Bravely Second: End Layer (Nintendo 3DS)$39.9950%$20
Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker + amiibo (Wii U)$39.9950%$20
LEGO Worlds (PS4, Xbox One)$29.9933%$19.99


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