Civilization VI Pre-Load Goes Live, Pre-Purchase Deal Returns



Remember how the Civilization VI pre-purchase deals dried up since we last mentioned it in September? Well we won’t fault you if you didn’t because uh, its kind of our job to keep track of these prices. Tangent aside, the 15% to 20% off deal has now made a perfectly-timed return as pre-load went live for Civilization VI.


Civilization VI Deals MSRP % Off Sale Price
Civilization VI Digital Deluxe (Steam, US) $79.99 20% $63.99
Civilization VI (Steam, US) $59.99 20% $47.99
Civilization VI Digital Deluxe (Steam, UK/EU) £49.99 20% £39.99
Civilization VI (Steam, UK/EU) £69.99 20% £53.99


Note: Must add to cart in US to see discounted price.


Required space is 12GB and pre-load download size has been mentioned to be around 4GB (seems quite low for a 2016 game). The preload was announced earlier today on the Civ VI Steam community page and the release schedule along with unlocked time has also been revealed. Essentially launch is split into three zones for Civilization VI’s release schedule:


  • North/South America, Zone 3 is October 21 at 12AM ET
  • Europe/Russia/Africa, Zone 2 is October 21 at 12AM BST
  • Asia/Australia, Zone 1 is October 21 at 3AM AEDT


For the pre-purchase deal above from GMG, you’ll receive your key immediately after purchasing as pre-load has now gone live (and keys are being distributed by Firaxis to their third-party retailers). Buying the game at GMG will grant you the same Aztec Civilization Pack pre-purchase bonus that’s found in Steam Store (basically a 90 days heads up in this eventual free DLC pack).


The same deal will also work in EU/UK, with GBP pricing for Civilization VI at  £39.99 for Standard and £55.99 for Deluxe (the same 20% discount as US/NA market). Note that because this deal expired randomly last time, if you’re planning to play Day 1 and you want some discount, you should jump on this deal sooner rather than later.


For the rest of us with giant backlogs, you can wait until the eventual Complete Edition to appear after 2-3 years of Civilization VI expansions making the rounds :)


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