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Console Deals: Cheapest Street Fighter V in Pre-Owned Sale



If you’re the type that likes to sift through the Walmart $5 bargain bin, you’re probably going to likeGameFly’s Under $20 Blowout Sale. It’s a sale they run every so often when Gamefly have a surplus supply of used games from their rental service. Some impressive pickings this week with $12.99 Battleborn, $15 Tom Clancy’s The Division, and $18 Street Fighter V. Note that because Gamefly doesn’t ship the game disk with the game’s box, when you buy a “used” copy from Gamefly you’ll actually receive a like-new game box in return.


If you planned on picking up a new PS4 or Xbox One S before the holiday season there’s a few deals to consider this week. The Xbox One S showed up today on NewEgg’s eBay page with a bonus new Xbox One S controller (2 total). The new Xbox One S controllers carries double the wireless range of the old and has new Bluetooth capability making it a more tempting option and for no more cost than the Madden 17 bundle sells for at big box retailers. Alternatively, Walmart has the $299 Halo Collections Bundle with a bonus 4K Blu-ray game of your choice and a free old-school wireless Xbox One controller tossed in for good measure.


In PS4 console deals this week you’ll need to flip a coin between buying the new PS4 Slim for $299 or catching a discount on the old PS4. The PlayStation 4 Black Ops 3 Bundle showed up for $279.99 on eBay Deals which is impressive since prior to this month it was rare to see it drop below $350. Also on eBay Deals is a discount to $259.99 for a new PS4 console alone making it the cheapst we’ve seen one go for in brand new condition.


PS4 and Xbox One S Console Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One S 1TB Madden Bundle + New Controller $409.98 15% $349.99
Xbox One S Halo Bundle + 4K Movie + Controller $388.96 23% $299
PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 500GB $299.99
PlayStation 4 Black Ops 3 Bundle $349.99 20% $279.99
Playstation 4 500GB Console $349.99 26% $259.99


GameFly Used Game Sale


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Far Cry: Primal (PS4 – Used) $59.99 67% $19.99
Street Fighter V (PS4 – Used) $59.99 70% $17.99
Tom Clancy’s The Division (Xbox One – Used) $59.99 75% $14.99
Mad Max (Xbox One – Used) $29.99 50% $14.99
Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One – Used) $59.99 77% $13.99
Battleborn (PS4, Xbox One – Used) $39.99 68% $12.99
Homefront: The Revolution (Xbox One – Used) $39.99 75% $9.99
Madden NFL 16 (Xbox One – Used) $29.99 67% $9.99
Homefront: The Revolution (PS4 – Used) $39.99 78% $8.99
Republique (PS4 – Used) $24.99 64% $8.99


More Deals This Week


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End + PS4 Controller (PS4) $124.98 40% $74.98
Madden NFL 17 Deluxe Edition (Xbox One, PS4) $79.99 25% $59.99
Forza Horizon 3 + $10 Gift Code (Xbox One) $59.99
Overwatch – Origins Edition (PS4, Xbox One) $59.99 17% $49.99
Madden NFL 17 (PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4) $59.99 33% $39.99
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4) $59.99 50% $29.99
Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS Vita) $29.99 33% $19.99
Just Dance 2016 (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U) $39.99 50% $19.99
Bloodborne (PS4) $34.90 63% $13.08
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY (Xbox One) $19.99 50% $10
Battlefield 4: Expansion Packs (PS4, Xbox One, PC) $49.99 100% $0


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