Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel Now Live, 22% Deal for PC



Dark Souls III‘s latest DLC Ashes of Ariandel accidentally went live a day early due to a fat finger mistake at Bandai Namco. The DLC was made available as early as October 24 at 3PM Pacific for both Steam gamers and console players later at night. Original release date was suppose to be today, but just as well for Dark Souls III fans to enjoy a weekend of new content.


The overall Dark Souls III Season Pass reception wasn’t exactly gushing with praise, but users on Steam have the latest Ashes of Ariandel DLC with “mostly positive” reviews thus far. No deals exist yet on the console given PSN or Xbox Live stores aren’t in the game to discount DLC/games upon release. On the flip side, PC gamers can pick up the Season Pass starting from 15% off at $21.29 – if you don’t mind playing currency conversion game, you can also get it as low as $19.49 if you buy at Games Planet.


Dark Souls III: Season Pass (Steam – GMG) $24.99 15% $21.29
Dark Souls III: Season Pass (Steam – Games Planet) $24.99 22% $19.49


Green Man Gaming’s deal is straight forward, just add to cart and you’ll see the price at $21.29 (or the respective 15% off for your regional pricing). At Games Planet, prices will show up as 15.99 GBP, but that’ll convert to about $19.49 in USD thanks to a weak British Pound vs. US Dollars. Note that the Games Planet copy is region locked and won’t be playable in Japan and North Korea (yep…)

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