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Dark Souls III Gets 27% Off Plus Free Prima Guide at Walmart



In what is one of the most oddball deals we’ve seen this year, you can now pick up Dark Souls III at Walmart with a free copy of the official Prima Strategy Guide. While we don’t think people bother with paperback guides much these days (because Internet), the more noteworthy part of the deal is that Walmart is also discounting Dark Souls III by a giant 27% off to $43.48.



Leave it to Walmart for the weird discount pricing (why not just $42.99 or $43?). But this is the best Dark Souls III deal we’ve seen yet for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. It’s also the first real big discount we’ve seen. For comparison sake, Amazon currently has the game for a “measly” $10 price cut or 17% off. Go pre-owned at GameStop and pay up $54 or 10% off.


At Walmart, you’ll have to reach a threshold of $50 to receive free shipping, so for this deal you’ll need to order online and pickup at your nearest Walmart (urgh) to maximize savings. It goes without further saying that this deal is US-only. PC gamers are also out of luck as the deal only applies to the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game.


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