Dark Souls III Steam Key Pre-Order Deals Up to 24% Off



Update 4/11: Now that the game has gone live in the US, the deals are slightly reduced since its out of “pre-order” phase. GamesPlanet has increase the price to almost $50, while GMG holds on to about 20% off.


We’re now less than one week out from the April 12th release of Dark Souls III. The cheapest way to buy, as usual, is for PC. Discounts of up to 24% off have already popped up at several authorized digital retailers. Most discounts hover around the 20% off pre-order deal range, and some of them are even more appealing thanks to a favorable currency conversion rate.


The best Dark Souls III PC discount out there is currently at GamesPlanet. If you’re in the UK, you’ll notice they’re marking the price down 20% from £39.99 to £31.99. While GamesPlanet only shows prices in British Pounds, you can buy from them worldwide. In the US, that £31.99 converts to about $45, making it an easy saving for the same Steam key you’ll purchase elsewhere. If From Software makes pre-load available, GamesPlanet will also be offering it – and the deal comes with the soundtrack pre-order bonus too. All the deals listed below are worldwide keys, region locked only to Japan and North Korea.


The same story applies over at the Digital Deluxe Edition, though that gets a smaller discount- a surprise considering the profit margin padded in for these “special” editions. What’s in the Deluxe Edition? Just the upcoming Season Pass. So if you’re not knee on unknown content, we’d just hold off in tossing in more money for Dark Souls III.


Dark Souls III Standard Edition Deals


Retailer MSRP % Off Sale Price
Green Man Gaming (Steam) $59.99 18% $49.49
GamesPlanet (Steam) $59.99 17% $49.81


Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition Deals


Retailer MSRP % Off Sale Price
GamesPlanet (Steam) $84.99 19% $68.29
Green Man Gaming (Use Code: DEALZON20) $84.99 20% $68


Both GamesPlanet and FunStock Digital are authorized by Bandai Namco to sell the game. That means you’ll not only get the discount, but also get the Digital Soundtrack – the same pre-order bonus offered on Steam. Note that while GMG is offering a discount, their game source is from an “authorized distributor” so its not coming straight from the publisher (per se). If you must have the game on release, we’d go with the other retailers to ensure you receive your key in time and skip out on any potential 1-day delay.


If you’re a console gamer, you’re not going to come by discounts unless you’re a paid subscriber. Both Amazon and Best Buy offer a $47.99 price tag, but only if you’re either an Amazon Prime member or Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member. Both of these services have a cost to them, so we wouldn’t recommend you get the service just for a slightly cheaper Dark Souls III, but just an FYI for those that do have membership to Prime or GCU.


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