Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Wesker

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover Adds Killer Albert Wesker

Behaviour Interactive officially revealed that Albert Wesker will be the new killer appearing as part of the Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil crossover event. The event, Project W, will also feature Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as the two new survivor characters. Behaviour Interactive has not yet announced a release date for the upcoming chapter.

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Project W is the 25th chapter of the asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight, and is the second chapter featuring characters and enemies from the Resident Evil franchise. Behaviour Interactive previously teased the crossover with a short clip back in May 2022, though the characters did not appear. Alongside the latest announcement, the company also released a short trailer featuring Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca.

Notably, the trailer reveals that Albert Wesker will be based on the character’s appearance from Resident Evil 5, complete with his full black duster getup. This Wesker also has control over the prototype T-Virus and Uroboros Virus, possessing the ability to use tentacle-like appendages. Ada Wong appears to be wearing her iconic red dress, while Rebecca is wearing her rescue outfit. As the name of the chapter suggests, the Uroboros Project and Project W will likely be the key themes of the crossover.

You can check out the Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil Albert Wesker reveal trailer below:

Dead By Daylight is available on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android devices. The Resident Evil Project W crossover event will appear soon.

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