Deals Roundup: Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition from Steam to Origin


Unlocking Tuesday morning, Final Fantasy XV is finally heading to the PC this week. The game is essentially a digital-only product which you can find at select digital retailers. Because of this, pickings are a bit more sparse in terms of deals (the only store that has a pre-purchase discount is GMG for $39.49). In fact, there are even cosmetic content exclusives depending on the platform you choose.


For example, buying the game at Origin Store gets you The Sims 4 Pack which comes with two cosmetic costumes in the form of a Llama Suit anHalf-Life Packd Plumbob (no joke). For all other retailers, you’ll receive the , which includes Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit, scientist glasses, and crowbar to be used in Final Fantasy XV. Buy the game from Steam Store and you’ll receive an extra pre-purchase bonus of the FFXV Fashion Collection for Noctis.


All in all, the items are all cosmetic in nature and won’t affect gameplay, but as of writing, you can’t get all three packs from one store.


Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition “Deals” Roundup


Half-Life Pack Only


The Sims 4 Pack


Half-Life Pack + Fashion Collection


Just by looking at the above, we personally think the straight-up 21% off discount is well worth skipping out on either the Fashion Collection (or god forbid the awful looking The Sims 4 costume pack) – least you think the packs are worth $10 in value.



All costume packs are available until May 1st while the Fashion Collection is reserved for only pre-purchase (so that’s until tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific).


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