Destiny 2 Deals Heat Up as PC Launch Looms


    Tomorrow morning, PC gamers will finally get to partake in the grand adventure that is Destiny 2. Or at least, as grand as it can get now that most of the content has already been explored by console gamers and plastered across social media. This isn’t to say that the game is a big story-driven title but more so that PC gamers still have to deal with a delayed release for Triple-A titles, even though we’re far from the days of limited developer resources.


    Rant aside, deals are still plentiful as we are now in release week territory where retailers scale back their discount due to the anticipated high demands. So you won’t exactly find the cheapest Destiny 2 pre-order discounts this week compared to say, three months ago – but luckily full price is off the menu and you’ll find various savings in one form or another.


    Game TitleList% OffSale Price
    Destiny 2 Digital Standard (Battle.net)$59.9915%$50.99
    Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe (Battle.net)$99.9915%$84.99
    Destiny 2 + $10 Rewards (Battle.net Physical Code)$59.99  
    Destiny 2 Digital Standard – UK/EU (Battle.net)
    Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe- UK/EU (Battle.net)
    Destiny 2 (PS4 or Xbox One)$59.9917%$49.99


    Currently, deals are available at three retailers for Destiny 2. You have the usual suspect if you’re an experienced bargain hunter PC gamer: Green Man Gaming is offering 15% off for US gamers while GamesPlanet is offering a standard 5% off for EU/UK gamers. The good news is if you use our coupon code listed above, you can take 10% off the game at GamesPlanet.


    The best deal for the digital copy is probably at GMG, but for a special subset of gamers who also has access to Best Buy’s GCU (Gamers Club Unlocked) – you’ll be able to score Destiny 2 for 20% off plus enjoy a $10 rewards certificate. That totals the value of the deal at $27 – a big incentive all things considered. The catch? Best Buy’s GCU cost $30 for a two-year membership. Note that physical copies of Destiny 2 being sold at brick-and-mortar stores does not include a disc and you’ll simply receive a product code within the game’s box.


    Speaking of Best Buy, console gamers can now pick up Destiny 2 for as low as $39.99 provided they have the aforementioned GCU. Otherwise, you’ll see the standard discount of $10 to $49.99 for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One copy of the game. As of writing, Amazon is price matching the offer.


    How well Destiny 2 fares on the PC in the next few weeks will be a direct correlation to how much of a discount you should expect from Activision come holiday season. If you prefer to be a patient gamer and wait for a better discount – we think you may have to wait longer than usual given how infrequent Activision (or Blizzard on Battle.net titles) holds a sale. Having said that, it may be likely that if the game performs poorly on the PC, you’ll see a plethora of option on Destiny 2 deals later this year as retailers look to clear overstock inventory.


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