Discounts on Souls-like The Surge Still Available for PC


Update 5/16: The Surge discounts have been tweaked now that it is the official release time. Best discount is 20% off at DLGamer. Other deals around 15% off. Prices updated below.


Souls-like genre in a sci-fi setting? That’s what Deck13’s The Surge looks to be balancing as it was released earlier today. The game was initially offered at a 10% discount on Steam Store during the pre-order phase of the game, but now that the game has been released that offer is now expired.


As of writing, the best deal for The Surge is currently at Green Man Gaming at 24% off for $38.24, with DLGamer as a close second at 20% off. For other retailers, the discounts are a bit more sedated at around 18% off. We don’t expect these discounts on The Surge to last long given Focus Home Interactive has already pulled back the initial pre-order offers at Steam.


The Surge Deals List % Off Sale Price
The Surge at DLgamer (Steam) $49.99 20% $39.99
The Surge at GMG (Steam) $49.99 15% $42.49
The Surge at GamersGate (Steam) $49.99 14% $42.99
The Surge at GamesPlanet (Steam) £39.99 15% £33.99


Interestingly, while The Surge has been classified as a Souls-like title when asked by gamers in a recent AMA, the developers liken the title more akin to From Software’s Bloodborne instead of one of their three Dark Souls titles.


Initial reviews look to be positive when compare to Deck13’s previous game Lords of the Fallen, though the weaker point of the game appears to be the character development and world building – issues that may not be as much of a problem for gameplay and combat-focused titles in the Souls genre.


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