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Dragon Quest Monsters for Switch in Development

Dragon Quest Monsters Switch
Image via Square Enix

Square Enix announced that a new entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. The official Dragon Quest Twitter account celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Dragon Quest Monsters series with the reveal. Square Enix shared a video celebrating the history of the Monsters spin-off series, and at the end of it revealed the surprise.

The new Dragon Quest Monsters announcement video includes text in both English and Japanese, and you can see it here:

While the announcement of this new entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series doesn’t come with any other information, developers at Square Enix never really lost interest in continuing the series.

Dragon Quest Treasures Producer Taichi Inuzuka said to Famitsu in a December 2022 interview that the existence of the new game didn’t mean that the Monsters series was over. In fact, Dragon Quest Treasures was initially conceptualized as a Monsters game. The game shares much of its Monster-collecting ideas with the long-running sub-series.

The latest entry in the Monsters series was Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, released exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on March 2016.

A new Dragon Quest Monsters game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. There is no release date window yet. More information will come in the future.

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