Dreamcast Puzzle Game The Lost Golem Gets Fan Translated Into English


Dreamcast title The Lost Golem is known for being a particularly rare title, infamously selling less than 500 titles during its Japanese-only release. However, this little puzzler became a cult classic, and during the holiday period a fan translation was released that changes all the text into English.

In this particular title, you play as a golem that must guide a king in a castle to safety. Because the king walks forward and only turns when he bumps into a wall, players need to move the walls and guide him to the exit.

Translated by Rolly and their team, this translation patch translates menus, graphics, dialogue, ending movies, and more into English. With the Dreamcast’s online functionality, players were originally able to download the first forms of DLC, and these have been added in with the patch as well.

Check out more screenshots below:

You can find the translation patch here.

The Lost Golem originally released for Sega Dreamcast.

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