Duck Game Might Be The Only Platform Brawler With A Quack Button




Duck Game was almost tragically under looked. Being an Ouya exclusive for a year or more, this multiplayer platform brawler risked being played by only a small number of people, but now it’s out on PC and should finally find the audience it deserves.


It’s a frantic, 2D sudden death survival combat game for two to four players. But there’s also a solo play mode with plenty of challenges to unlock and beat that’ll help hone your duck shooting skills. Oh, and yes, everyone does play as a duck with a customizable outfit. There is a dedicated quack button.



As simple as Duck Game is to play its combination of twitch shooting and platforming with its sudden death bouts and silliness have made it a favorite among multiplayer game scenes. There are over 50 levels and a level editor included so you can keep increasing that number. Plus, there are loads of weapons to also try out, including super shotguns, magnums, throwable scenery, net guns, mind control rays, saxophones, and a magnet gun.


You can purchase Duck Game on Steam for Windows.

Chris Priestman