EarthBound Maps Will Appear as Framed Art in Japan

EarthBound Winters map as framed art

Shigesato Itoi and Hobonichi will produce and sell framed art based on EarthBound pixel maps in Japan. The company will open pre-orders for a limited time in March 2022.

The framed art of EarthBound maps will be available in five different models. Each of them will depict a distinct featured location in EarthBound, including Onett, Winters, Fourside, Moonside, and the Cave of the Past.

People residing in Japan will be able to order the framed art in two different sizes: Small at ¥16,500 (~$144) and Large at ¥37,400 (~$325). They can also choose one of the three available frames, including black, red, and natural wood grain.

EarthBound originally came out for the SNES in 1995 in North America and 1994 in Japan, where it is known as Mother 2. In February 2022, Nintendo made the game — along with its predecessor, EarthBound Beginnings — available on Nintendo Switch. Users who have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online can access the classic games immediately.

Hobonichi has been releasing assorted merchandise related to the EarthBound franchise in Japan. In October 2021, it released the Pollyanna 2 manga compilation that includes a comic made by Undertale creator Toby Fox. The company also released various items ranging from jackets to plushes in 2020.

Pre-orders for the framed art of EarthBound maps will be available in Japan from March 8 to March 31, 2022. Hobonichi will deliver the finished products around late May 2022.

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