Eva-Frame-Ex Evangelion Figure

Eva-Frame-EX Figures Include Mass Production Evangelions

Bandai Shokugan opened pre-orders for its Eva-Frame-EX 01 set of action figures based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unlike other Eva-Frame releases based on the designs seen in the Rebuild of Evangelion films, this line is based on 1997’s The End of Evangelion. This means their designs have slight differences, matching those original TV series as well. The lineup recreates Shinji’s Unit-01, Asuka’s Unit-02, and the Mass Production Model Evas [Thanks, Hobby Watch!].

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The Eva-Frame-EX 01 release is a box set containing three figure kits and two optional part collections (a total of eight packages). Like other Eva-Frame releases, each figure kit comes in a separated “Frame Set” and “Armor Set”. The armor pieces are then attached to the articulated frame to create the finished figure. The optional parts consist of various weapons and accessories. Each figure stands 110 millimeters tall (about 4.3 inches). The set itself goes for 5,984 Yen (about $46 USD).

Check out some pictures of the Eva-Frame-EX 01 set in the gallery.

The Unit-01 kit replicates the design seen in The End of Evangelion and TV series (which has slightly simpler markings on the arms and shoulders), and comes with a Pallet Gun. The Unit-02’s TV-era design is simpler compared to the Rebuild version as well, missing the forehead “horn” armor and with a more fully red paint scheme. It also comes with Unit-02’s Progressive Knife. The Mass Production Evangelion unit is, like in the film, monochrome black and white, with its prominent mouth open.

The accessory sets for the Eva-Frame-EX 01 box set consists of two kits. One kit contains a standing weapons dock for the Evas and the Magorox Sword and its dagger for Unit-01. An optional shoulder pylon also has mounting points for the scabbard. The second kit contains a pylon that can hold Unit-02’s Prog Knife, the Sonic Glaive, a bazooka, and the two forms of the Replica Spear of Longinus used by the Mass Production Evas.

The Eva-Frame EX 01 set is available for pre-order Premium Bandai’s online shop in Japan. Those that really want to recreate a certain iconic battle from The End of Evangelion can also pre-order a separate Eva-Frame-EX box containing three more Mass Production Eva figures. One kit matches the Eva seen in the first set, and the other two have wings. It costs 7,700 Yen (about $59 USD). Delivery windows for both sets are in May 2023.

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