Robot Spirits Side EVA action figures of Evangelion Unit 02 01 and 00 Kai
Image courtesy of Bandai Spirits

Evangelion Unit 00′ and 02 Robot Spirits Will Appear in July

Bandai Spirits has revealed that it will release Robot Spirits action figures of Rei’s Evangelion Unit 00′ (Kai) and Asuka’s Evangelion Unit 02 in July 2024. Both figures will have the same price tag of 5,500 yen (~$35), and they will be available exclusively at select Tamashii Nations stores.

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The action figures will have an approximate total height of 170 mm (~6.69 inches). The units will come pre-built, but each set will include swappable alternate hand gesture parts. Bandai Spirits will also provide a Bullet Rifle and a Progressive Knife with each unit.

Here are the sample images showing the parts for each set:

These figures will be formally available in Japan, the rest of Asia, and the US. For the latter, Bandai Spirits has indicated that the products will appear at Tamashii Nations Store New York.

Bandai Spirits also recommends pairing the units with Shinji’s Evangelion Unit 01. The company had previously released Unit 01’s action figure in the same lineup in late July 2022. The [Best Selection] lineup omits several items—such as the Spear of Cassius in Unit 01’s case. However, it allows the company to reduce the set’s pricing from 7,150 yen to 5,500 yen.

Other companies are also producing merchandise based on the Evangelion units. Kotobukiya has restocked its model kit of the Evangelion Unit 13, while Dragonhorse and CCSToys have revealed a Mortal Mind action figure of the Evangelion Final Model from the Evangelion Anima novels.

Bandai Spirits will release the Robot Spirits <Side EVA> [Best Selection] action figures of Evangelion Unit 00′ and 02 in July 2024.

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