Fallout 4 Season Pass Discount Available Before Price Increase



Fallout 4‘s Season Pass is currently on the top selling list. Why? Because the price is going up March 1st. Announced earlier today with more DLC details, Bethesda as noted a price increase of its Fallout 4 Season Pass from $29.99 all the way up to $49.99 due to additional content (third DLC is more of an expansion pack vs. typical DLC). If you pick up the latest Fallout 4 Season Pass deal, you can skip out on the price increase and on top of that, get an additional $6 discount.


Because of the delay till the price jump , the Season Pass is now rocketing to the front of the top selling list at major digital retailers. At the Steam Store, the DLC bundle has eclipsed today’s release of Street Fighter V. At Green Man Gaming, the same situation is also applying.


As of writing you have about two weeks to get the Fallout 4 Season Pass at a discounted price of $24 at Green Man Gaming. Just use voucher code FEBURY-SVINGS-20PERC during checkout and you’ll receive 20% off the Steam copy of the Season Pass (the discount works in all region, as far as we can tell).


For those who’d rather play the waiting game, you can also opt to try a hand at the beta raffle, in which case if you were selected as a beta participant, you’ll receive a copy of the DLC for free.


Note that although only details on three DLCs has been revealed (totaling in price of $39.97), Bethesda has alluded to even more content for Fallout 4 through the rest of 2016, totaling up to $60 in “value.” Gamers not interested in the game at its current price point should probably just check back in 2017 for a Fallout 4 GOTY edition.

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