This Fate/Grand Order Artoria Caster Seiko Watch Costs 400 Dollars

Fate Grand Order Seiko Watch

Aniplex has opened preorders in Japan for a new Fate/Grand Order collaboration Seiko watch designed after Artoria Caster. The watch alone will cost ¥45,000 (about $410), or ¥48,000 (about $436) if you include a special watch stand. Pre-orders start August 1, 2021, and end on September 26, 2021, shipping sometime after December 2021. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The watch’s design is based on Fate/Grand Order‘s Artoria Caster, also known as Altria Caster in the Japanese spelling of the name. Primarily based on her second ascension’s gold and navy colors, the watch is of high quality and uses real leather for the strap and Seiko’s proprietary “Hard Rex” glass for the watch face. Other key features include a 1/20 second stopwatch function, and 3-year approximate battery life.

Additionally, there are also subtle details that reference Artoria’s character, including the servant’s signature insignia on both the sub-dial and crown. The dial is also modeled after her Staff of Selection, and the original Japanese spelling character’s name is engraved on the side of the watch. On the back, there is also the logo of the Chaldea Security Organization.

If you don’t want to wear it, you can also purchase a decorative watch stand. The stand similarly features symbols from Fate Grand Order, including the symbol for Casters.

You can check out the official photos of the Fate Grand Order Seiko watch below:

In other Fate news, Fate/Grand Order Japanese servers recently launched Lostbelt 6 part 2. Type-Moon also revealed details about this year’s Summer Event, which will feature two unlockable swimsuit servants.

The Fate Grand Order collaboration Seiko watch is currently available for pre-order on the Aniplex+ store. The watch will cost ¥45,000 (about $410), or ¥48,000 (about $436) with the watch stand included. Pre-orders will last until September 26, 2021, and the watches will ship after December 2021.


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