FFVII Remake Concept Art Sector 5 Slums

FFVII Remake Concept Art Shows Off Midgar’s Sector 5 Slums

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The official Final Fantasy VII Remake account continues its campaign of releasing concept art pieces and insights into the game’s development. The latest drop in the feed of FFVII Remake concept art is a series of location shots depicting the Sector 5 Slums.

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As with previous FFVII Remake concept art drops, the images were shared via Twitter.

The images show off a number of location concepts for the Sector 5 slums, which is also Aerith’s hometown in Midgar. According to the details in the post, the team noted that the original game included points of interest like houses made from industrial-size pipes and earthen tunnels. They considered expanding on that concept for the FFVII Remake take on the Sector 5 slums by making entire buildings and residential complexes out of piled-up industrial refuse. Indeed, in Final Fantasy VII Remake, many buildings in the expanded vision of the Sector 5 slums are connected or assembled from large numbers of metal piping. The team also noted that while they weren’t implemented in-game, the concepts for the Sector 5 Slums in FFVII Remake included various tricks such as “dummy doors” and even a house for the character Mireille.

For further comparison, check out a video below from Youtuber Final FantTV, which uses the PC edition of FFVII Remake to explore the Sector 5 church, Aerith’s house, and other scenes from the original with a mod that replicates the PS1 version’s static camera.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Check out other concept art drops, like Shinra Tower’s bathrooms, Chocobo Beans, and the price of a ticket to see Loveless.

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