FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum Housing District and Lottery System Detailed

FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum Housing District and Lottery System Detailed

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With 6.1 bringing Ishgard Empyreum housing to FFXIV and a lottery system to get homes, Square Enix went over some things people can expect. In addition to going over the wards and looks of the new area, it also confirmed the price reduction system is being removed from the game and explained how people will buy homes going forward.

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First, the FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum district will be designed to look like the region. So your homes will fit in with the location’s motif. This only applies to the outside of a home. Folks who completed the Litany of Peace scenario quest and Ascending to Empyreum side quest can head to the area. Once there, they will find 24 main and 24 subdivision wards. That means there will be 48 wards total.

Next, the FFXIV housing lottery system will require people to enter lotteries for plots for a chance to buy them. Square Enix already went over this. However, as a reminder, each plot of land will be marked so you know if a private buyer or free company could purchase it. People who are a private buyer need to be a Grand Company second lieutenant and have a class at level 50. Free Companies need to have at least four members, a representative who’s been around for at least 30 days and can make the purchase, and be at rank 6. Home World Transfers can get in the way of lottery periods. If you move, you can’t participate until the next one. You also wouldn’t get confirmation about winning or a refunds from any entries you filed before you moved. Land that is abandoned and emptied during a period will only go up for sale as a new plot for the next one.

Each FFXIV housing lottery will last about nine days. This can change, depending on scheduled maintenance. The first five real-time days will allow people to pay a deposit on a plot of land to enter a lottery. If you make a bid, you can’t go back on it. The second four days let people confirm the deal if they won by revisiting the plot to “buy” it. Those relocating get around 15% of their old housing plot’s value. (They currently get 30% ahead of 6.1.) If people don’t get to the plot within four days, they get 50% of their deposit back and don’t get the land. People who lose get their full deposit back.

Finally, there will be no more plot price reductions. After 6.1, land values will always remain the same. Before that, they would eventually cost less. This also ties in to the decreased relocation refund rate.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The 6.1 update will arrive in the middle of April 2022.

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