Final Fantasy IV The After Years Pre-Order Deal Before PC’s Release



Next week Tuesday Square Enix is releasing yet another Final Fantasy title on Steam, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The game starts out at the typical remake list price of $15.99, however most retailers are giving  10% pre-order discount. Stack this 25% off code for FFIV at GMG and they game will only be $10.80.


In two weeks we’re set to see the release of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for $59.99 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Console wise you’re stuck paying the full MSRP but for a PC download there is pre-order price war of sort. Everyone is 10% off to $53.99, but right now the best deal from an authorized retailer is $41.99 at DL gamer. A rare 30% price break on a AAA title. (GMG’s iffy 35% deal is now over and has reverted back to 25% off).


On the console front Best Buy has a $10 discount on both Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. In the case of Xenoverse both the Xbox One and PS4 version drop from $59.99 to $49.99 with free ship. DS2 Scholar drops to $49.99 for the XOne & PS4 and even cheaper to $29.99 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Top Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Steam)$15.9932%$10.80
Toren (Steam)$9.9932%$6.75
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (GOG)$59.9930%$41.99
Dying Light (Steam)$59.9937%$37.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4, Xbox One)$59.9917%$49.99
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (XOne, PS4)$59.9917%$49.99
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (PS3, X360)$39.9925%$29.99


PC Game Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin)$59.9933%$39.99
Evolve (Steam)$59.9933%$39.99
The Sims 4: Get To Work (Origin)$39.9930%$27.99
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (Steam)$39.9932%$27
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Steam)$19.9925%$15
Watch Dogs (Uplay PC DVD)$39.9963%$14.70
Train Fever (Steam)$34.9963%$13.12
Primal Carnage: Extinction (Steam)$19.9940%$12
Magicka 2 (Steam)$14.9925%$11.25
The Evil Within (Steam)$39.9975%$10.39
Secret Files Franchise Pack (Steam)$39.9975%$10
Endless Legend: Guardians (Steam)$9.9925%$7.50
Goat Simulator: GoatZ (Steam)$4.9925%$3.75
Legend of Grimrock (Steam)$14.9980%$3
Woolfe (Steam)$9.9975%$2.50


Console Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
PlayStation 4 + Last of Us Remastered + Destiny$459.9813%$399.99
Wii U + Super Mario 3D World + Nintendo Land$299.9913%$259.99
Star Wars: Battlefront + $10 Rewards (PS4, Xbox One)$59.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4, Xbox One)$59.9912%$52.99
The Order: 1886 (PS4)$59.9933%$39.99
Dying Light (PS4, Xbox One)$59.9933%$39.99
Assassin’s Creed Unity (Xbox One)$59.9970%$17.99
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (Xbox One)$39.9968%$12.99
The Evil Within – Pre-owned (PS4, Xbox 360)$59.9978%$12.99


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