Five Foot Long Sleeping Garchomp Plush Will Cost $400

Garchomp Plush

Premium Bandai opened pre-orders for a new five-foot-long sleeping Garchomp plush on its website. Much like previous Pokemon plushes, the Garchomp plush will be soft to the touch and usable as a cushion for sleeping. The plush will cost 57,200 yen in total (about $391 USD) and will ship sometime in February 2023. Pre-orders are currently open via the Premium Bandai store for those living in Japan. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

The Garchomp plush measures around 160 cm (about 5’2) long, with a wingspan of 180 cm (about 5’9) wide. This is slightly smaller than its height of 190cm (about 6’2) recorded in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Garchomp will have its eyes closed and will splay its legs and wings out. Unlike some other plushes, such as the life-sized Lucario plush that debuted last year, the Garchomp will not be posable.

Previously, Bandai teased a large plush of the mach dragon pokemon during the Pokemon Brilliant Shining Festival back in 2021. The festival was to commemorate the release of the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes that released in the same year.

You can get a better look at the Garchomp via the screenshots below:

The Pokemon Garchomp plush is available via the Premium Bandai website. Pre-orders are open and will be available until supplies last. The plush will cost 57,200 yen in total (about $391 USD) and will ship sometime in February 2023. International shipping is unavailable and will require the use of third-party shipping services.

Andrew Kiya
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