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Flutter Mane Was Most Used Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet Paldea Prologue

The official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paldea Prologue online tournament ended and Flutter Mane was the Pokemon that players used the most in a competitive setting. This information comes from the PokeTimes Twitter account. With the recent update to Pokemon Home, you can also check out what moves and teams that competitive players’ Flutter Manes use. [Thanks, PokeTimes!]

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According to the Pokemon Home screenshot, the top ten Pokemon that competitive players use Flutter Mane with are:

  1. Koraidon
  2. Iron Treads
  3. Iron Hands
  4. Miraidon
  5. Chi-Yu
  6. Dragonite
  7. Chien-Pao
  8. Great Tusk
  9. Talonflame
  10. Amoonguss

It is unclear just from this data how competitors are using the Pokemon together. This data also just shows that players put Flutter Mane in teams that also contain these Pokemon. So it does not necessarily mean that there is synergy between Flutter Mane and, say, Dragonite.

When Pokemon Scarlet and Violet first launched in November 2022, it did not immediately come with Pokemon Home support. This means that players were unable to transfer Pokemon from other games to Paldea. As of the time of writing, you still cannot move Pokemon around. However, an early March 2022 update added the function to view competition data in Scarlet and Violet. This is likely where PokeTImes got the data as well.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are readily available on the Nintendo Switch.

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