Microsoft has stepped up their Xbox One S game now offering several bonus incentives now through September 6. Of course, this is 100% triggered by Sony’s upcoming PlayStation announcement next week September 7. Microsoft’s hope is to snag a few sales from the undecided before Sony gets all the headline news.


For the first time yet the Microsoft Store is offering a bonus $50 Gift Card, a free Ubisoft game, and $10 off an Xbox One Wireless controller. We’ve seen offers like this on the older Xbox One bundles, but now Microsoft has posted them on the brand new August-released console. In fact, this is first bonus offer to date on the cheapest $299 Xbox One Halo Collection Bundle and the first non-eBay offer for the others. We were always expecting this type of promotion from Microsoft, but we did not expect it to arrive so soon.


Xbox One S Deals


Xbox One S 500GB Halo Collection Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$299
Xbox One S 1TB Madden NFL 17 Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$349
Xbox One S 1TB Halo Collection Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$349
Xbox One S 2TB Console + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$399


Xbox One Deals


Xbox One 1TB The Division Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$299
Xbox One 1TB Rainbow Six Siege Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$299
Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$249
Xbox One The LEGO Movie Videogame Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$249
Xbox One Gears of War Bundle + $50 Gift Code + Free Game$249


The real value here is that $50 Gift Code/Card from Microsoft. The free Ubisoft game is nice but you only get one old title from a list of four: Watch Dogs, The Crew, Just Dance 2016, or Just Dance Disney Party 2. The gift card however can be used at the Microsoft store towards the purchase of another Xbox One game that you’ll really want, such as Battlfield 1 or Final Fantasy XV.


Unlike what Microsoft is hoping, we don’t think an offer like this is going to sway any PlayStation die-hards into the Xbox camp before their big PlayStation announcement. We do think though that this could push an Xbox die hard into the camp of swapping their old Xbox One out for a new Xbox One S now that the price is reasonable and there’s good bonus incentives to pick up.


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