Now that all the attention is on the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro, the old 7th generation consoles are going dirt cheap at GameStop. This week GameStop has launched a new “Blast From The Past” sale with old systems as cheap as $50 (that’ll be the Nintendo Wii with two games)


These are of course not brand new systems, but instead are overstock pre-owned units sold by GameStop. Interestingly enough, GameStop is even offering two separate 3-Console bundles. For example, at only $160 you can now get a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii (with accessories kit), which was a popular bundle we saw GameStop offer earlier this Summer. This has been brought back at its formerly low price. Another 3-system bundle is the new 8th gen consoles in pre-owned conditions, all three 8th gen machine for $680 (which is certainly cheaper if you buy each separately).


These bundles are online-only offers (you won’t find them at your local GameStop), and can’t be picked up in stores. But unlike usual offers of the past, shipping is free. The promotions below last until October 1st, but select units may sell out earlier depending on popularity and stock.


Three Console Bundle


ConsolesMSRP% OffSale Price
3-Console Bundle: PS3 + Xbox 360 + Wii + Accessories$287.9644%$159.99
3-Console Bundle: PS4 + Xbox One + Wii U$719.976%$679.99


Nintendo Console Deals


Console BundleMSRP% OffSale Price
Nintendo Wii Console + Super Mario Galaxy + Wii Sports$84.9741%$49.99
3DS XL: New Super Mario Bros 2 + M&L Paper Jam + Memory Card$179.9811%$159.99
New Nintendo 3DS XL Red + Chibi + Sonic Gen$209.9714%$179.99
New Nintendo 3DS XL Black + Chibi + Sonic Gen$209.9714%$179.99
Wii U Console + LEGO Marvel SH + Sonic All-Stars Racing$269.9715%$229.99


PlayStation Console Deals


Console BundleMSRP% OffSale Price
PS3 160GB + Last of Us + Battlefield Hardline + Dark Souls$187.4625%$139.99
PS3 320GB + GTA V + COD Ghosts + Batman AO + Watch Dogs$204.9527%$149.99
PS3 320GB + Far Cry 4 + Destiny + Call of Duty: Black Ops$189.9621%$149.99
PS4 + NBA 2K14 + Madden 15 + MLB 14 Show + Trials Fusion$313.954%$299.99
PS4 + Rayman Legends + LEGO Movie Videogame + Controller$372.966%$349.99


Xbox 360 Console Deals


Console BundleMSRP% OffSale Price
Xbox 360 + COD Ghosts + BF4 + AC4 Black Flag$87.9543%$49.99
Xbox 360 + COD 4 Modern Warfare + Left 4 Dead 2 + NBA 2K14$110.9555%$49.99
Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed Bundle$135.9341%$79.99
Xbox 360 + Halo 4 + Skyrim + GTA V + 120GB HDD$166.4552%$79.99
Xbox 360 Blast from the Past System Bundle + 250GB HDD$159.9750%$79.99


Game deals brought to you by the crew at Dealzon. Disclaimer: sales from certain retailer help support Siliconera.

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