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GameStop’s Cyber Monday Switch Deal Adds eShop Gift Card


Last week, we covered the various Black Friday deals available for the Nintendo Switch and it appears the deal will get significantly better come the morning of Cyber Monday. At GameStop, the ubiquitous video game retailer will be offering select Nintendo Switch systems with two free bonuses worth a total of $85. As with Black Friday, GameStop will add in a $50 GameStop Gift Card, but for Cyber Monday they are upping the ante by adding in $35 worth of eShop gift card for free.

This will make this offer one of the best Nintendo Switch promotion we’ve seen thus far this holiday season. The caveat being the deal isn’t officially live yet, but we do have some guess to which systems will qualify (linked below). Given things tend to run out of stock very quick we highly suggest you bookmark this page or the Switch systems linked and check frequently on Sunday night at about 9 PM Pacific. If you’re interested in buying a unit, you should set up an account in advance and save all relevant payment and shipping information.


Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deal Sale Price
Nintendo Switch + $35 eShop Card (Neon or Gray Joy-Con) $299.99
Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $35 eShop Credit  (Neon Joy-Con) $299.99
Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $35 eShop Credit (Gray Joy-Con) $299.99
Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle + $50 Gift Card (Neon Joy-Con) $299.99


Update 11/26: Walmart is now also offering a Switch console with free $35 eShop gift card. Conversely, GameStop has sold out of their bundles with free eShop card but are still offering $50 worth of GameStop eGift Card. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle is now out of stock.


Based on our previous experience in the past, deals of these type generally don’t last over a few hours during Cyber Monday’s early hours. In fact, if the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle promotion is anything to go by, GameStop may very well sell these out within the hour.


If you’re wondering how we determined these two systems to be the potential ones with the $35 eShop credit promotion – the reasoning is actually quite simple. Sometime during Saturday night, GameStop updated their store catalog and added two new items to their e-commerce store. Conversely, they also changed the status of the old Black Friday promotion to “Not Available” while continuing to sell two exact same bundles at a two new URL. Our guess is that when the Cyber Monday deal rolls around and goes live, these two new pages will be updated with the eShop offering. Of course, GameStop may simply just launch two additional new pages tailored specifically for the Cyber Monday Switch offer. In either case, we will find out on Sunday night and update this post accordingly.


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