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Genshin Impact New Adventure Let’s Go Event is a Simple Board Game

Genshin Impact New Adventure Let's Go Event

The Genshin Impact New Adventure? Let’s Go! web event is now available. The event itself is fairly simple, with users navigating a board through the use of dice rolls to obtain Adventure Coins. Obtaining these coins in the Genshin Impact New Adventure? Let’s Go! event will yield Primogems as a reward. Other rewards include Mora and level-up materials for characters and weapons. However, these are obtained through triggering random events or movements. The New Adventure? Let’s Go! web event will be available until May 5, 2022.

Players are given a total of 8 dice rolls per day. An additional 4 rolls can be acquired by using the Genshin Impact daily check-in tool. Landing on specific tiles will grant users more Adventure Coins or trigger the mentioned random events, which can also affect what tile players end up on. However, players must stop directly on those tiles to trigger the events or obtain the items. Passing over a tile will not trigger the event or collect the item on that space. Multiple random events can be triggered from the same tile. Each roll will automatically grant players a total of 10 Adventure Coins.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Android and iOS devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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