Genshin Impact Plush Mochi Dolls Will Focus on Mondstadt

Genshin Impact dolls

Chugai Online and miHoYo will release six blind boxes of plush dolls depicting the Mondstadt characters from Genshin Impact. Each blind box will cost 1045 JPY (approximately $9.15), and the whole set of six will cost 6270 JPY (approximately $55). This is the first batch of Genshin Impact “mochikororin” dolls, and they will become available in April 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The entire line-up is Aether, Diluc, Venti, Jean, Amber, and Kaeya. Each doll is around 80 millimeters in length. These miniature nesoberi dolls have little arms and legs, showing them lying down on their stomachs. Officially, these types of dolls are called “mochikororin,” which can translate to “mochi lying down.” In addition, there are bonus acrylic keychains depending on where you buy the box. Purchasing from Chugai Online will come with Aether, while Animate will offer Venti. Lastly, Amber will come with the box when you buy from AmiAmi.

Though the mochikororin dolls focuses on characters from Mondstadt, current events in Genshin Impact focus more on Liyue and Inazuma. The Shiki Taishou Yummy! Barbecue Under the Stars web event focuses on the characters from the Labyrinth Warriors event, and will last until November 7, 2021. Hu Tao and Thoma also headline the current character banner.

The Genshin Impact Mondstadt “mochikororin” nesoberi dolls will come out in April 2022. They are available for pre-order from Chugai Online, and will appear on retailer sites such as AmiAmi soon.

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