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Get $10 Bonus on Battlefield 1 Xbox One & PS4 Digital Copy



Xbox One and PC gamers just had pre-load gone live for the upcoming Battlefield 1, whose Early Enlister Deluxe Edition can begin play as early as next Tuesday on the 18th. The PlayStation 4 version kick started its pre-load earlier today on October 16. Interestingly enough, we’re starting to see a shift to a focus on digital copies as there are now actually some cash bonus incentives when you pick up a digital copy of Battlefield 1 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


The Microsoft Store “sold out” of physical copies of Battlefield 1 on the Xbox One earlier this month, and instead they are now offering download codes for both the Standard and Early Enlister edition. Happily Microsoft has continued to offer the popular $10 gift code bonus on future purchases for the digital copies too. Microsoft is sending out digital keys instantly after purchase, so you can begin pre-loading on the Xbox One right after you buy. With a total file size of 42GB, it might be a good idea to pre-load before release later this week.


On the PlayStation side of things for Battlefield 1 you can get a similar pre-order incentive value at Best Buy. At Best Buy, they are now extending their standard $10 “My Best Buy Rewards” bonus to the digital copies of Battlefield 1 on the PS4 (and Xbox One too). This is the first time we’ve spotted this type of offer for digital copies at Best Buy. Note that while this $10 reward value is “standard” – not all titles have been receiving this incentive in the past year. For frequent Best Buy customers, if you’re a paid member of Gamers Club Unlocked ($30 for 2 years) you can pick up an additional 20% off but only on the physical copies of the game.


Battlefield 1 Digital Deals


Deal Title Bonus Price
Standard Edition (Origin/PC) 20% Off $47.99
Standard Edition (Origin/PC) + pre-order bonus 20% Off $47.99
Standard Edition (Xbox One Digital/Physical) $10 Gift $59.99
Standard Edition (Xbox One/PS4 Digital/Physical) $10 Reward $59.99
Early Enlister Deluxe (Xbox One Digital Code) $10 Gift $79.99
Early Enlister Deluxe (Xbox One/PS4 Digital Code) $10 Reward $79.99


While retailer such as Amazon and GameStop are both carrying digital copies of Battlefield 1 for the console (Amazon only has the Xbox One digital copies), we don’t expect to see any additional pre-purchase incentive from these retailers in the near future. With more third party retailer slowly but surely start encroaching, you can bet there will be more buying option for console Triple-A titles such as Battlefield 1 beyond the Xbox Live or PSN stores.


Update 10/18: Now that the early enlister edition is released, the pre-order bonus value of $10 is no longer offered at either Microsoft Store or Best Buy. If you pre-order the BF1 physical copy for the Xbox One at Microsoft before Oct 19 at 10AM PDT, you’ll receive release day delivery for free.


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