Grab Early Access to Conan Exiles for 20% off


If you’re tired of your current open-world survival crafting MMO, the good news is there are new flavors of the month cropping up every season. Conan Exiles is now available as an early access title since Tuesday and despite the mixed reviews from gamers, the title is now firmly on top of Steam Store’s top seller list. Better yet, you can now pick up the game at a discount with this latest deal.


Conan Exiles’ climb to the #1 top selling spot wasn’t without competition though. ARK discounted itself by 67% off to $9.89 (now #2 top seller on top of last week’s excellent Resident Evil 7) but despite this, a fresh game still reign supreme. So all in all, an impressive showing by Funcom considering the lack of an official discount and marketing has been timid given this isn’t a Triple-A title.


If watching on the sideline at Twitch has got you convince to live with the early access issue, you can pick up Conan Exiles Early Access Steam key for only $23.99. Just use coupon code DEALZON during checkout and the discount will apply before you purchase. The code will work in other region as far as we know, so let us know if you have issues with the coupon if you’re from a non-North American region.


Released January 31, 2017 by Funcom, Conan Exiles is expected to be in Early Access for less than a year according to the developers. Upcoming feature includes mounts and taming, expanded religion system, siege weapons, clothes customization, expanded thrall system, biomes, hitbox damage, and sorcery system.

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