Gust Series Arrives: 15% Off Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure


Gust Co.’s series of games have finally arrived on the PC this week, with Koei Tecmo releasing both Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book in sequence with Nights of Azure. Both games are priced at $29.99 a piece, though you can save a bit of money depending on your purchasing choice.


Both PC ports have arrived with positive reviews, though there are more favorable reviews for Atelier Sophie v. Nights of Azure (default control problem plagues the title on launch). As mentioned last weekend, GMG caries either title for 15% off a piece as an incentive, though you can easily pick up both titles for a bit more savings at Steam Store for 20% off.


Gust Series List % Off Sale Price
Nights of Azure (Steam) $29.99 15% $25.57
Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Steam) $29.99 15% $25.57
Gust Bundle: Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure (Steam) $59.98 20% $47.98


In terms of port performance, both titles are running smoothly at 1080p and 60fps as far as we can tell (if your hardware is decent), though as noted Nights of Azure’s default control pad are a bit wacky and will need customization on your end to be usable. At the end of the day, its a Koei Tecmo port so keep your expectation in check – reports of laggy menu, random stuttering are still a thing.


If you’re concern with the performance, we’d suggest reading through each title’s review (Atelier Sophie‘s here and Nights of Azure‘s here) to get a better feel of the game. Being Koei Tecmo digital PC titles, future discount will be sporadic at best, so if you want a bigger discount beyond the 20% bundle – you’d have to check back in 2-3 months or look for the next seasonal sale.

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