Nintendo 3DS

Hard Choices Abound In Toshin Toshi


Toshin Toshi is out January 30th in Japan, so Imageepoch are sharing more details on the Nintendo 3DS RPG. During the course of the game, you’ll have to plumb the depths of hell to advance, Imageepoch say. Along the way, you’ll have to fight off angels sent to protect man from entering such a dangerous place as you seek to gain entrance.


One called Label Case, though, offers you a proposition should you defeat her: As main protagonist Seed (whose on-name-play should not escape notice to the astute) you’re given the choice to consume her special skill or turn the request down.




Choose to accept and you’ll get a new skill to use in battle, but turning it down also has its benefits, granting you several level ups and a host of high-end equipment. Choices, choices.



Some of the other ladies you’ll meet include Pullma, a magical witch who managed to pull a fast one at the registration counter as both participant and partner. You might remember that in the tournament of Toshin, contestants have to sign up with both themselves and a lady partner. Pullma manages to escape that. She’s an amnesiac, though, with her only memory being that she has to participate in the games. So she does.




Another is Japanese princess Shizuka, who’s the partner for samurai dude Gaji. They’re both madly in love with each other, and eloped as Gaji had no hope otherwise of marrying her. But you’ll take her out on a date anyway, in order to win her affections and earn her special skill. Despite being in love with your true love Hazuki.



You’ll also therefore have to deal with Suzuya, the kunoichi sent after the pair. Contrary to her looks and training, she apparently is rather erm… rather clueless.


Toshin Toshi is set to be published for the Nintendo 3DS January 30th.