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Here’s A Glimpse Of MIND≒0’s Story Prologue And MIND Battle System



Acquire and Class of Heroes developer ZeroDiv’s upcoming dungeon crawler, MIND≒0, will take place in various parts of Japan, where players will be fighting monsters with the help of their summoned MIND partners. Here’s a look at a couple of short videos showing a clip of the game’s prologue and battle:



The prologue video starts out with a female student talking about a horror story that involves a giant axe-wielding man who kills the person that opens the door. It is immediately followed by a scream of a young boy, who is then heard by MIND≒0 protagonist Kei Takanashi.



As he checks up on the young boy, he runs into Sana Chikage, who appears to be just as baffled by seeing her classmate at the scene. Just as she tells Kei to take care of the boy, he notices something grabbing his leg, and pulling him off to somewhere.



Before he knows it, Kei finds himself in a room full of weapons and books, next to a mysterious woman who goes by the name Undertaker. “Now that you’ve appeared here, you have two choices. Choose a weapon and live… or choose a weapon and die…” she tells him.



In this battle clip, we get a glimpse of the scythe-wielding Kei attacking with his MIND, along with some backup from his party members Sana Chikage and Leo Asahina. You can read our earlier report for more details on MIND≒0’s battle system, that involves knowing how and when to use, call and dismiss your MIND.


MIND≒0 is slated for release on August 1st for PlayStation Vita.


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