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Here Are the Times Pandreo Gets Fire Emblem Engage Characters to Howl

Here's Every Time Pandreo Gets Fire Emblem Engage Characters to Howl

Pandreo is a good Fire Emblem Engage character with a bad habit. He howls. He also barks. A lot. When you’re moving him in battle If you’re talking to other characters during Support conversations. He’s going to, well, express himself. So, for the sake of science (and because I needed to earn SP), I compiled videos of every time Pandreo gets other Fire Emblem Engage characters to bark or howl during Support conversations.

Editor’s Note: There are spoilers in the video clips below for both conversations and characters.

First, here’s Pandreo getting Alcryst to howl in their C-rank Support. (Poor Alcryst.)

It also happens in their A-rank.

Alear ends up howling because of Pandreo in their A-rank Support conversation, but Pandreo doesn’t seem too pleased about that development.

Fogado humors Pandreo with howling and barking, but his heart isn’t in it in their C-rank Support.

Rosado is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters who really gets into it and howls alongside Pandreo in their C-rank Support.

Finally, Veyle howls during the special occasion at the start of her A-rank support with Pandreo.

Pandreo also can take part in Support conversations with Bunet, Louis, Mauvier, Panette, Seadall, and Vander, but they will not bark or howl.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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